Anna Cabré Albós


Anna Cabré Albós is a physicist with a doctorate in cosmology from the University of Barcelona, an expert in visualizing and decoding the ‘big data’ that surrounds us. Back in 2012, she decided to change the Universe for the Earth to be more in contact with our planet. Now Anna uses computational models to get where observations cannot and to understand the crucial role that oceans play in the Earth’s climate and as fundamental mitigators of climate change.

Anna believes that communicating science outside academia is crucial to advance as a society, reason why she has participated in blogs, talks, popular articles (eg Research and Science ) and television. Currently, she is associated with the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA), but normally lives in Munich (Germany) with her family and two young children. With Ellas Lideran, she wants to unite her scientific and maternal side to promote early education on gender equality and sustainability and for now, she has written a story for children entitled Mamma Goes to Antatarctica and The Secret Life of Viruses, together with #EllasEducan.

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