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Images that make possible to approach the serious and the funny at once, giving everyone the possibility of having their own reading and vision of the World.

Have you ever come across a banana-elephant, a strawberry-mouse or a melon-frog? If you haven’t, then you have not yet entered the world of Olivier Grossmann. This world is a giant playground, where the power of imagination has taken over. Mixing with one another limitlessly, animals, plants and objects come together to form a surprising bestiary. Humour is never absent from these digital compositions, and their fantastical nature is no obstacle to contemplation. These creations invite us to question – our own perception of images, our relationship with reality and our vision of the world. Enter this unique, amazing and funny world! You will find that little rabbits have lion heads o that cabbages can be chickens.

AnimalFunHumourImaginationNatural SciencesPhotographs
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Publication date: 28/10/2022

168 pages

18 x 18 cm | Hardcover


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Paper català, Paper espanyol

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