This compilation brings together the most enigmatic enigmas in the Enigmas of Mystery, Enigmas of History, Enigmas of Science and Enigmas of Art books in the series.

Ready, set, investigate! Welcome to the world of Enigmas,where clues are in the details and crafty twists put readers’ wits to the test. The books encourage readers of all ages to practice deductive reasoning, consider the most subtle details, and always think outside the box. Readers may play alone or with friends, collecting points for cracking each case and determining whose sleuthing skills reign supreme.



100% ZahoríAwardedBestsellerCluesenigmesFunGame BookImaginationLogicMysteryOutside the BoxreasaoningSleuth
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120 pages

20.5 x 25 cm | Paperback


Foreign rights sold: French, Serbian.

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Enigmas of Art
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Enigmas of Science
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