Stealing a world-famous piece of art from a museum or snatching diamonds under 24-hour surveillance: there is a certain fascination for impressive robberies. And the world has seen some truly legendary ones.

Famous Robberies tells the real adventures of those who walked through walls and did the impossible. It introduces the perpetrators of infamous hits like the Great Train Robbery, the Antwerp diamond heist, or the Citibank Hack. With chapters designed in retro-newspaper style, this book will fascinate children for historical events as much as for the investigations and reporting around them.

Awards: 2021 White Ravens, 2022 LesePeter Award (Germany)

AdventuresAwardedImaginationOutside the LawRobberiesSocial SciencesTrue StoryWit
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Publication date: 25/09/2020

64 pages

22 x 27.5 cm | Hardcover


Foreign Rights sold: English, Estonian, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.

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