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The whole universe flows in eternal natural cycles, and this poetic journey captures the beauty of how nothing disappears and everything is infinite!  

With all things that exist in the universe, when they come to an end, they start over. Nothing disappears completely; everything is transformed over and over again. When winter ends, spring sprouts. After the night, a new day dawns, and from the fruit that has fallen on the ground, a tree grows…

These are the magical cycles of the universe, and this book shows some of them from the cycle of water and the life cycle of butterflies and humans to the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year. Each cycle is represented by a simple definition and an illustration that identifies the main phases, and is followed by an observation to link the concept and a quote for the reader to reflect upon before moving on. Welcome to an incredible journey through infinity!

A circular die cut on the cover symbolizes the continuous process of transformation and encourages young readers to open up and discover these magical cycles. The mix of science, poetry, and art is structured in a way that children will be drawn into these 11 natural cycles that are part of everyday life and the concept of cyclical time, where nothing disappears and everything is transformed.

Awards: 2020 Kirico Prize

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Fecha de publicación: 21/02/2020. 4a edición: 07/07/2022

24 páginas

24 x 24 cm | Tapa dura con troquel

A partir de 6 años

ISBN: 978-84-17374-50-1

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