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The ultimate book on the History of Robots!

We are no longer surprised to have a robot that goes around our house avoiding obstacles and… cleaning! Robots have been a part of our lives for longer than we think.

Robotland is the ultimate book about robots. In the form of a travel guide, a map will lead you through the different itineraries which follow the motivations that have led humans to invent robots throughout history: to work, to measure time, to observe the universe, to create music, etc.

At each stop the traveller will find data and information necessary to make the most of the visit. The journey begins!

Awards: 2023 APIM Illustration award

HistoryImaginationrobotsScienceSocial SciencesTechnologyTravel
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Publication date: 14/10/2022

120 pages

23 x 28 cm | Hardcover


Foreign rights sold: Chinese simp., Italian, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian

Awards: 2023 APIM Illustration

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