Welcome to the world of Enigmas of Art! Between Renaissance sculptures and futuristic paintings, there is always a mystery that our tireless detectives must solve with logic and imagination.

Each enigma immerses us in an important moment in the history of art or in the environment of a prominent artist. Solving the mysteries we will learn about the main artistic movements, techniques, characters and curiosities.

The section LIVE AND EXPERIENCE ART! proposes fun activities at the end of the book. The time has come to become an artist, develop a style and translate it into your own works of art to learn by doing. The book includes a mirror with which you can decipher the texts of the solutions to the enigmas, presented in mirror writing, in the manner of the brilliant Leonardo.

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Publication date: 11/03/2022

64 pages

24 x 29.5 cm | With a mirror to decipher the solutions


Foreign rights sold: Basque, Chinese simp., Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish.

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