This book proposes a sound experience inviting children to play the soundtrack of every image of the book.

Babies are born listeners, attuned to sounds in the womb and the world. Before their vision sets in, infants know their environment through sound—a parent’s lullaby, a dog barking, water in the bathtub, and if they’re lucky, the pulsing rhythms of music. The landscape of sound, a child’s soundscape, is always present. Touch, smell, and sound are children’s first teachers.

For young children, all sound is fascinating, from the random siren to the frolicking fiddle. They are experiencing the world anew, it’s all amazing.

This book proposes a different experience beyond reading and enjoying its wonderful illustrations. It invites children to play themselves the soundtrack of every double page, giving them the tools through a colorful and intuitive graphic score. A book as unique as it is fun.

100% ZahoríCreativityFunGame BookImaginationMusicPedagogy
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Publication date: 11/02/2022

32 pages

30 x 23 cm | Hardcover


Foreign rights sold: Chinese simp., French, German, Korean.

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