I Am a Little Gardener

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Little kids are fascinated by the world of grown-up work. Created by the talented Japanese illustrator Mayumi Oono, the Little Professionals series takes pretend play at grown-up careers in a fun and original direction, with special interactive features included with each book. 

Would you like to become a gardener? Observing nature, taking into account the seasons of the year, enjoying plants and thinking about what you can grow in your garden are the activities that you can learn with I Am a Little Gardener. The book includes 4 sheets and 160 stickers so you can practice and create your own garden with plants, flowers, trees and garden furniture.

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Publication date: 29/07/2022

24 pages | With 2 gatefolds + case + 4 cards + 6 sticker sheets (100 stickers) + 1 envelope

21.4 x 21.4 cm | Hardcover


Foreign rights sold: Hungarian.

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Papel español, Paper català

I Am a Little Gardener

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